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Religious Communities

In various parts of the world we have small monasteries or priories. Our Cistercian brothers live a monastic life which is integrated in their daily life. 

If you have always wondered how to be part of a religious community, we invite you to visit with us. We are here to assist you in your journey. 


If there was any reason before why you could not be part of a religious order, e.g.: you were married, divorced or not roman catholic, the Cistercian Province of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary offers you a new gateway. A new family, a Safe Haven on your journey of life. 


Our Orders consist of the First Order Monks (clergy or lay)

Our second Order of Nuns

Our third Order of Married or single Clergy or laymen.


And what a beautiful journey this is. A journey of self discovery, a journey of Stability, Conversion and Obedience.

Community Based Parishes

Adjacent to all our monasteries and priories we have parishes that come together with our brothers and form a religious parish.


We also have parishes, that are created especially on demand of the people, where our member priests or affiliated priests serve as rector. 

In any case you are welcome to visit our parish communities and you are invited to participate in our activities, such as bible studies, weekly prayer meeting, adoration but most importantly our central celebration: The Holy Eucharist.


The Sacred Hearts of Jesus & May Seminary is administered by the Cistercian Order of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Curacao. 


The University and Seminary,  is the centre of Theological support and education for the Order but stands open for all students of other jurisdictions.


Students receive both an ecclesial diploma as well as an internationally recognized degree from the Bircham International University, with whom the Cistercian Order of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary have a standing relationship. For more information on the university, visit their website at: 

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